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Love & Light Confessionals

Sep 25, 2020

Two woo-sphere hallmarks and the antics that come with them

Resources mentioned: The Yoga is Dead Podcast, Susanna Barkataki, @abcdyogi

Sep 18, 2020

While purity culture is usually associated with Christianity, the woo-sphere has its own pretty intense purity culture around sex, bodies, food, water, healthcare, thoughts, emotions, EMFs...we've got detoxes and diseasemongering all day long. What's more toxic: toxins, or obsessing about toxins?

Sep 11, 2020

Cults are fascinating, horrifying and in the woo-sphere, they're popular. But how do we know what's a cult and what isn't? This episode discusses the Landmark Forum, a mystery school cult from the eyes of a survivor, MLMs (again) and...Mormon fortune telling?

Featuring interviews by Erin Aquarian and Katie Smith,...

Sep 3, 2020

With intuitive modalities such as astrology, tarot, runes, spirit communication, etc., there are two ways readings go badly: the person doing the reading isn't actually as skilled in that modality as they think they are... and/or the person goes about doing the reading in unethical ways.

Katya is joined by...