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Love & Light Confessionals

Apr 30, 2021

Today's new-age polarity scene not only shares an alarming overlap with Conservative Christian "Traditional Gender Roles" culture, but also owes much of its origins to the 1992 relationship self-help bestseller Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by fraudster and scammer "Doctor" John Gray. 

Apr 22, 2021

Is it the hottest trend sweeping the new-age and self help world, helping people hack their lives and relationships with a fundamental law of the universe, or is it just centuries-old recycled misogyny?

Apr 15, 2021

This episode dives into the controversial "Freebirth" movement and their views on everything from birth to surrogacy to COVID to race and the rights of transgender people?

Apr 7, 2021

After many years of experience, Davidia Turner was tired of being used as the “token Black teacher” at yoga studio after yoga studio. So in the midst of a wild 2020, she walked away from studio teaching. On this episode, Davidia tells her story in her own words.

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